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Protect Oneself From Unwanted Influences

Protection | Balance | Harmony

GMCKS Practical Psychic Self Defense For Home & Office

Welcome Beloved,

Let  me Take a wild Guess – One is Here because.

  • One is Talented

    One is talented yet one feels Something is holding back from their success.

  • Not Protected

    One feels due to some reason one is being watched, one has gut feeing, staying in a unsecured space. One feels one needs some protection, one guide to help. A very Practical, Effective, Easy, Suitable in daily life yet very powerful Tool to sustain.

  • Finding Solutions

    Many wild, Impractical things happen in life which no one trusts, which one has no idea about, which are very pity yet hard to face. Many unreasonable questions, where every book every blog seems like an answer yet in the end there is something vital missing.

Either way, one feels called to something ‘more’ in their Life and one knows one has a beautiful gift to to receive here, which is very much life changing and makes one their best version. The information given experimented over 9+ years in my journey of 30 years. Only our good will and will to good to help our beloved siblings to find best solution to have a happily every after life is motto of our team.

Good News - This is Age to Embrace Within The Light Of Soul.

Now more than ever, many of us have the opportunity to Embrace Within LIGHT LOVE & POWER that is personally meaningful, which relates with very Concept of Creation, and Holistically rewarding far beyond what traditional methods ever did.

Human Subtle Mechanism

The Human Body & the mind are like sensitive electronic equipment that can project & receive messages. It is like a radio that can receive signals from many stations.

Has anyone here experienced feeling good when one met somebody who is warm and sunny? Has anyone also come across somebody who is so pessimistic and cynical that after a few minutes one wanted to go away from the person? This is due to transference of Emotions.

A certain Brazilian Man was meditating. Suddenly, felt the desire to buy a gun. He asked Himself, “why do I want to buy a gun? I am a Pacifist. Like Mahatma Gandhi, I believe in Non violence.” Three Days later, he found out that his neighbour got so angry after having a fight with somebody, so he wanted to buy a gun & shoot the other person. This Brazilian man accidentally picked up the violent emotions of his neighbour when he was meditating.

This is very common for all. Being Influenced by others thoughts, though it is directed towards oneself or not. Though it is a simple emotional outburst one is influenced, be it we are aware of the person or not.

How can we Prevent ourselves from being influenced by others thoughts, though they directed intentionally or unintentionally. Though it’s meant for us or not. One will Definitely get the most powerful answer Here.

What is in Huge Cities?

If one lives in a city with a population of 10 million people, can one imagine 10 million people radiating and projecting all kinds of thought & emotions? can one imagine if one is very sensitive & one happen to live in such a city? 

Are We really Meditating?

When one meditates, one might notice that there are many thoughts that keep coming into one’s mind? Some of them are one’s but many come from external sources. One is Actually in an ocean of turbulent thoughts & emotions.

What is the Solution?

How does one go beyond this? Instead of picking up signals from lower stations, it is possible to pick up signals from higher stations. Yes It is!

My Experiences

Being a Holistic Wellness Consultant I need time to invest on Helping Healing & Praying for Others. The Process also needs a peaceful sacred space. Is it really Possible in the Huge Metro Cities like Vizag? One  of The Fastest growing among Top 10 cities in India. Absolutely No. I also go through a phase of external influences, Insecurities, Misuse of Esoteric Powers by others.

There is one incidence which always surprised me, whenever I go to temples or crowded places, I become a different person from what I am. I become very angry, very weird. Later I found a lot about the reason and solutions to deal with them peacefully to maintain my calmness. It’s Years Hard work Though, Still a Lot needs to be practiced from my side too! No One is Perfect.

The quickest solution I found was to wake up at 3 a.m or stay awake after the city has slept to do my sadhana and Holistic wellness Consultant Work. When City sleeps the thoughts & Emotions Population produces reduces and is close to Zero. Well There is even more I do, Let’s discuss as we go through this articles.

External Influences

Let’s Understand Few of External Influences first.

  • Family

    Certain Families, Parents or Relatives usually criticize their daugther, make belittling remarks whenever she made mistakes. Although they Loved her, their repeated belittling thoughts and words resulted in poor self- esteem, lack of self- confidence and sense of insecurity.

  • Sales People

    Sometimes the sales people who conduct the selling activity are extremely aggressive. They produce powerful aggressive and persuasive energy field that can make one purchase things they do not really need. If one Knows and practices what we will discuss further one can save substantial amounts of money.

  • Society

    People sometimes project actions, that say one is stupid, uncultured, useless or regarding trusting. People from upper class do this very much. Not so good energy radiations are produced by races, religions, castes. Protection is must to save our wise intellect citizens being influenced from these energy fields to avoid them developing psychological disorders.

  • Relationships

    There are cases of some men who get completely hooked on a woman to the extent that there is no more rationality in their actions. They are willing to destroy their family & lose almost everything just for a woman who is not even their wife or the mother of their children. The Same goes for some women as well. This is pure madness. One cannot reason with such people. The solutions is to apply what is discussed further in this article.

  • Violence

    When there is quarrel or an exchange of unpleasant words, the people involved can project powerful violent energy fields, which can manifest as physical sickness.

  • Black Magic, Psychic Attacks

    The ordinary black magician can make a person sick or he can hurt somebody as a means of retaliation for wrong done. A highly skilled and developed black magician, on the other hand, is dangerous but it is unlikely that one will encounter this kind because this kind black magicians does not deal with ordinary people or trivial matters.

We all have come across these situations in life no matter where we belong. The universe which may seem to have so many flaws but did justify to each and every situation we come across with universal laws, art & Science. When we look deeply, ask earnestly the creation & creator do reply back with all powerful solution. This Article is all about same.

Priceless Teachings

Dear Beloved, The wait is over. now here I recommend you the Ancient Priceless teachings and techniques which have been kept secret for thousands of years. It is designed to protect oneself & to provide psychic self defense in order to improve quality of life.

If I tell you there is one simple book and workshop which needs 20 -30 minutes of daily time as solution for all the issues we discussed till now in the article. The Applications of this workshop is limitless. Would You Believe Me? 

But yes there is such a one whole day workshop Designed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS), which makes one proficient in dealing with internal or external negative influences or dirty radiatory fields. One does not need to approach any other kind of powerful person for protection, If one practices this as Guided By GMCKS

The Work Shop is!

Practical Psychic Self Defense For Home & Office

It Has been noticed that the science of subtle energy is becoming more popular, Especially in the field of energy healing. Unfortunately, there will always be a few twisted megalomaniacs who will misuse and pervert the Divine Science which is intended to benefit mankind. The Book and workshop is the antidote. It gives description on 

The Book & workshop Contains ancient, priceless teachings ad techniques which have been kept secret for thousands of years. For Esoteric Students to learn what is contained in this book on their own personal search would required 10 – 20 years or even more.  GMCKS designed this in such a way that one can master this in just 3 months to 6 months with consistent effort & sincerity in practice.

When Somebody has encroached on one’s “sacred” space, or one’s home no loger serves as a sanctuary, or one’s workplace has become a psychic battlefield, this workshop & books is definitely for you! The author unravels a treasure trove of psychic, self defense techniques, some of which have been practiced by ancient spiritual teachers and martial art masters.

The Workshop and Book offers simple effective, & practical remedies to

Most of all, the beauty of this book lies in the applications of sacred universal laws of protection, balance & harmony.

Book Available on Amazon

The Book is available for sale on Amazon. One Can check out same.

Workshop Details

Dear, I totally understand after reading this article you are very much inspired to, master the techniques and want to attend the workshop. One can do this workshop in their own city or town or state.  Just ensure the center is affiliated to World Pranic Healing Foundation, if one is from India or Institute of Inner studies for outside Indian Countries.

Here are details

Excited to do Workshop With Our team

Appreciate your thoughtfulness. Our Team Has a Great Instructor who worked with Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Experienced in teaching GMCKS Courses since 2 and more Decades. Believe me those who have applied such dark arts on Him have seen His Love Mercy Kindness Compassion & they transformed into their better version. 

I know you are excited to meet Him and Know Him.  Let me Provide His Name 

Mr. Pavan Sir

Excited to Meet Him. Just Register For any of His workshops with us. Finish the Workshop.
On any of the two days we will arrange a meeting with Him.

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Tips To Protect Oneself

It is Important that the teachings and the techniques should not be misused to harm or dominate other people. It is not the right thing to do and the karmic consequences are extremely severe.

May these Ancient Teachings Kindle your interest in the inner sciences and help you grow  spiritually.

Entire Content as it is Copied from GMCKS books –

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