About Us

Group Of Pranic Healers Started This
inspired From Great Vision of Grand master choa kok sui.
To His Great will we add our Little will.

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About Us

Take your Holistic Health
to Next Level

Well Trained GMCKS Pranic healing Experienced Instructors trained by Senior Disciples of GMCKS or GMCKS himself, best Available Across India will be your Instructors For Any Pranic Healing Course

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

The Great One, who Rediscovered Pranic Healing & Spread it to whole World, With a Vision and Mission of HEAVEN ON EARTH.7 Million People Around the Globe Experienced Heaven in Life.


Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is an Ancient Art, Skill and Science working on Principles of Law of Self Recovery and Law of Life Energy (Prana). It Is Applied on Aura & Chakras for Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Revitalization, Relaxation of Human Body, Mind & Soul without touch & medicine . Physical, Verbal, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Karmical Ailments Healing Solutions Will be Provided. Regular Practitioners can see Significant Results in Life. This Ground Breaking work is now Practiced at hospitals, clinics and healing Centre in over 80 Countries around the world.

Easy to Understand

It can be Practiced by even a simple Layman & 16 year old youngster.


Every Urban and semi Urban cities has Numerous WPHF pranic Healing centers.

Faster Results

Compared to other alternative therapies Significant results seen in less time.


Can be Applied on every living and non living things. Humans, Plants, trees, Animals, Utensils.

Easy To Practice

Only 30 mins a day of Practice can keep one very health & long Living.

Most Powerful

Though very easy to Practice the techniques thought are very powerful, with rapid fast results.

Very Advanced

Highly advanced technology taught is said to be practiced by Highly advanced Souls.

Wide Range Benefits

Can be applied on all Physical, Mental, Emotional, Karmical, Spiritual, Psychological Issues .

Pranic Healing

Minor Ailments to Major, Chronic, acute disorders of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Psychical & Karmical.

  • For Good Health.
  • For Protection & Shields.
  • For Preventive Healing.
  • For Healthy Aura & Chakras.
  • Bridge to Spirituality.


A path of Paramhansa/Arhat/Prophet, for Enlightenment and caseation of cyles of life & death.

  • For Overall Wellness.
  • For Higher Spiritual Faculty.
  • For Clairvoyance.
  • For deeper understanding many mistook concepts & Bhramagyana


With Hunger No one Can Meditate. To balance Spirituality with Material Riches & easily rightfully acquire wealth.

  • For Money.
  • For Materialization.
  • For overall growth & Success.
  • For Deeper Knowledge of Prosperity.
  • For Peaceful Sadhana.


Pranic Healing

Twin Heart Meditation


Our Courses

GMCKS Worldwide Pranic Healing Foundations offers Wide range Of Courses. They simple, yet very powerful with rapid Fast Results.


Namaste all I happened to the GMCKS Basic Pranic Healing course, organized by Divya. Today, three weeks after the workshop when I look back l realize it's been a quantum leap for me. I am more happier n content with life, my prosperity energy has increased: my consultation is thronging with clients like never before. It gave me the strength to dare n go ahead in many aspects of my life. Thank you to all Higher beings, to GMCKS, Siddharth (the awesomely amazing trainer)

Psychologist, Psychotherapist and NLP master practitioner


Thanks a lot Divya for giving wonderful in sight about pranic healing. Feeling light and good after receiving healing Thank you Thank you Thank You



Deep Gratitude Divya for the healing ... Feeling peaceful and energetic..🙏❤️Atma Namaste..



Thank u so much Divya for wonderful healing session



Deep Gratitude and Thanks a lot, Divya Mam for giving wonderful healing session Feeling light, peaceful and energetic. Thank You So Much Mam and all Who is behind this in organizing

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