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Why and what is kundalini?

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 Sacred Feminine Fire

Within the human system, kundalini is one of the holy subtle fires with the feminine nature of the creator. Throughout the very long cycle of life on Earth, several techniques have been provided, and we already have resources that indicate where it’s located in the human system.

It is not within the scope of this article to reveal it’s exact position or ancient methods for awakening it’s power. It is only meant to beaccomplish by appeasing an enlightened Master. Having an enlightened master is crucial for the effective journey of the soul in the physical dimension & with increased safety.
In writing this piece, my sole goal is to inspire you to seek out a suitable Path with a suitable enlightened mentor in order to spiritually awaken in a healthy and safe manner and to advance in all aspects of your life.

It's time to adopt a new perspective.

While theosophists see Satan as the catalyst for humanity’s cycle, starting with Eve and Adam and serving a purpose only holy masters understand, everyone else sees him as the source of pain. They inspired me to recognise the snake as the feminine divine fire, Kundalini.

Kundalini: What is it?

The sacred feminine fire known as kundalini is essential to human progress in all spheres of life. to attain long life, prosperity, financial security, and fulfilling relationships—whether with one’s spouse, parents, kids, the community, one’s work, one’s spirituality, or any other element of life. Is it truly remarkable that some people succeed in life while others put in really high levels of effort and yet fail? Awakened feminine divine fire may be one of the primary causes of this. there are many other sacred fires in the Human System. Kundalini is one of it.

Where this holy fire is located?

The base of the spine is the focal point of this sacred fire. fire being fire , it’s difficult to pinpoint its precise start and finish; all we can say is that it spreads throughout the human body.

uses of this sacred fire

  • holy fire's purpose 

    is to maintain the track

  • It supports

    bone development, controls blood production, maintains healthy skin, strengthens immunity, sharpens memory, improves vitality, and controls the production of harmones for the body's normal growth.

  • The human body

    grows from birth until the age of 17 or 18, during which time this fire is rather active. After that, it seeks to lessen its strength and eventually goes out completely.

  • The best method

    to determine whether or not Kundalini is active is to measure the person's height and growth hormone levels. This explains why people's heights vary so much.

  • It is not surprising

    to learn that the absence of Feminine Sacred Fire sadhana is the reason why health is declining in this day and age.


Whether it is normal or sacred, male or feminine, fire is fire, and it has almost the same characteristics. Has anybody ever attempted to study the characteristics of fire? It’s entertaining to watch. Here are a few
  • The heat is excessive

    and hurts when we go close.

  • It's warm and comfortable

    while we're at a safety distance. It provides security, self-assurance, bravery.

  • When it is far away

    It is very cold and vulnerable. Fear, cowardice.

  • In summary

    the three criteria above also apply to the holy fire inside. Too little or too much is dangerous; regular is safer. This holy fire should be actively flowing throughout the human body.In summary, the three criteria above also apply to the holy fire inside. Too little or too much is dangerous; regular is safer. This holy fire should be actively flowing throughout the human body.

  • There is a synthesis effect

    from the flames. The fire may combine leaves and water to create tea, which is a nutritious beverage. Even the hardest materials may be melted into liquids by it. Taking the human body into consideration, it has the power to eradicate harmful subconscious programmes that stand in the way of our development.

  • Things can be moulded by this fire.

    It is possible to melt down ordinary gold and shape it into exquisite jewellery. It may thus shape the ordinary human body to do the impossibly difficult, preparing it for more advanced spiritual activities. Hanuman is a prime illustration of this. In actuality, the sacred feminine fire is a living, breathing force inside every Super Human.

  • The fire has the power to vaporise objects

    and cause vapour to get embedded everywhere. Although the incense smells nice when we light it, the smoke gets trapped in the room as a black substance. Later, proper cleaning methods are required. Thus, this holy fire will undoubtedly purge us of bad emotions like rage, envy, pride, addiction, lying, hurt, and sloth, but it will also distribute these emotions throughout our body. It may sometimes enlarge. if appropriate cleaning methods are not used.

  • The same is true

    for loving kindness, generosity, honesty, focus, and consistency; all it takes to overcome excess is a little introspection before bed and moderation. The easiest way to manage this is using the GMCKS Blue Triangle Technique.

Why Kundalini

  • Excellent health

  • Attracting wealth

  • Superhuman Experience

  • Superhuman Memory

  • to embrace great challenges and achievement

  • to accomplish the unachievable

  • to prepare the body for more advanced spiritual practices

Who needs active sacred feminine fire

  • Men in business

  • students to achieve pinnacle

  • Superhuman Experience

  • housewives and husbands to create lovely, peaceful families and produce law-abiding people for society

  • For couples to comprehend each other well

  • Candidates who work hard to be promoted

  • Encouraging others to do the toughest possible tasks, such as lifting weights.

  • Tarot, astrology, vathu, feng hui, counselling, psychology, physicians, and healers develop their third eye or intuition in order to provide exceptional services.

Potential Difficulties

If not properly cultivated under an enlightened master, this divine feminine fire may appear as superego and pride. A person may get aggressive, paranoid, or even highly predatory. This explains why a lot of spiritual sadhus, yogis, and babas mistreat women. A extremely spiritual person may ultimately turn into a demon or dark magician.

These are all the result of inappropriate mentoring and inappropriate Practice. Improper Practice also fuels the desire for extramarital encounters. This is typical of those who come seeking protection from sreevidya upasakas, or black magicians. They sometimes become insane because the protective energies are too strong for them to manage. The lose their humanity and start hurting their neighbours as they have support these upasakas. These people are immatured, but upasakas or upasikas are not, the practitioners or such service providers should follow dharma. Earning money by hurting others is not worth it. Practitioners can simply say no.

All it takes to overcome this is to practice self-mastery and dharma with both practitioners and their clients. There are ways to do this in the GMCKS Pranic Psychotherapy Course. In fact, one can safeguard themselves by using GMCKS Practical psychic defence for home and office.

It is beneficial to practise it with your partner if you are married.

Karma & Kundalini

Selecting a competent mentor is a good safer practice in this context. Their lives will be productive. Keep in mind that karmic difficulties arise in life; giving up on Kundalini Sadna is not an option. A person cannot break free from karma, whether they do Kundalini or not. The karma lords are equipped with an appropriate method for controlling when and how to apply the rules to a particular person or group. This is unavoidable.

The practice of kundalini offers one the courage, the telepathic link with Sathguru and the World teacher, and the intuitive connection with higher beings that may assist an individual or community confront their karma with bravery and dharma.

It’s a magnificent voyage, I assure you, much more beautiful than the fairy stories we are told.

Are You Eager

I’ve noticed that one is eager to practice Kundalini but is unsure of how to go about it. I’m organising this gorgeous GMCKS Arhatic Yoga course to practice kundalini.

Eligibility: one must have completed GMCKS Basic. Advanced psychotherapy, achieving oneness with Higher Soul.

Together, let's complete this wonderful voyage that lies ahead.

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Tips To Keep Kundalini Active

It is Important that the teachings and the techniques should not be misused to harm or dominate other people. It is not the right thing to do and the karmic consequences are extremely severe.

May these Ancient Teachings Kindle your interest in the inner sciences and help you grow  spiritually.

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