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Pranic Healing is No Touch, No Medicine, Ancient Art, Science, Skill Practiced By Highly Advanced Souls.
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Redesigned this Ancient Skill Suitable to Modern Era Busy life.

Pranic Healing

A Pranic Treatment a day keeps one Healthy.

Character Building

Character Building plays vital role for good health.


Patanjali’s hatha yoga keeps the physical body strong


Twin Hearts Meditation makes us Healthy

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

The Great One, who Rediscovered Pranic Healing & Spread it to whole World, With a Vision and Mission of HEAVEN ON EARTH.7 Million People Around the Globe Experienced Heaven in Life.


Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is an Ancient Art, Skill and Science working on Principles of Law of Self Recovery and Law of Life Energy (Prana). It Is Applied on Aura & Chakras for Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Revitalization, Relaxation of Human Body, Mind & Soul without touch & medicine . Physical, Verbal, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Karmical Ailments Healing Solutions Will be Provided. Regular Practitioners can see Significant Results in Life. This Ground Breaking work is now Practiced at hospitals, clinics and healing Centre in over 80 Countries around the world.


Why Choose Us

GMCKS  Pranic Healing is a no touch no medicine therapy.
It is a Holistic Health Approach. This Integrated System has unlimited benifits.

Easy to Understand

It can be Practiced by even a simple Layman & 16 year old youngster.


Every Urban and semi Urban cities has Numerous WPHF pranic Healing centers.

Faster Results

Compared to other alternative therapies Significant results seen in less time.


Can be Applied on every living and non living things. Humans, Plants, trees, Animals, Utensils.

Easy To Practice

Only 30 mins a day of Practice can keep one very health & long Living.

Most Powerful

Though very easy to Practice the techniques thought are very powerful, with rapid fast results.

Very Advanced

Highly advanced technology taught is said to be practiced by Highly advanced Souls.

Wide Range Benefits

Can be applied on all Physical, Mental, Emotional, Karmical, Spiritual, Psychological Issues .


Simple Instructions

GMCKS  Pranic Healing Treatment is simple, yet very powerful with rapid Fast Results.

To see Rapid fast results do follow Simple Instructions mentioned.

Full Faith

Having Deep Thorough Full Faith and Belief on Treatment is very Vital. Even a Ounce of Doubt may become Hurdle and Healing Process will Slow Down or in many cases almost Nulifies

  • For Rapid Healing.
  • For Fast Results.
  • For Long Lasting.
  • For Healthy Aura & Chakras.
  • Bridge to Spirituality.

Kesari Mudra

Touch your Tip of the Tongue up to the palate. This Technique can also be used for reading, Studying, Meditating,  or other activities that required considerable energy (The Ancient Science and art of PH – pg 46).

  • Temporary Increase of Energy.
  • Improves connection between front and back channels.
  • Increases Pranic Energy Circulation.


Some Serious Ailments are due to negative deeds, thoughts and feelings in the present and past lives of the patient, or negative karma. But not all serious ailments are due to negative karma.

  • Meditate and Learn the Lesson that is to be learned and make a firm resolution to do right thing.
  • Use the Law of Mercy.

Law of Mercy

By Showing Mercy to others, mercy will be shown to you.

  1. Give 10% of your income to charity for the rest of your life, especially in order to alleviate the Sufferings of other people
  2. Avoid eating meat & Fish: being a vegetarian would be very Helpful. By Showing Mercy to the members of the Animal Kingdom, Mercy Will Also be Shown To You.
  3. Avoid Injuring, bullying and being Cruel to other People. Mercy Cannot be Shown to those Who do not Show Mercy to others.

Law of Forgiveness

As stated in the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, “it is in pardoning that we are pardoned”, and in the Lord’s Prayer, “ one must first forgive others before one can Seek divine Forgiveness”  (Matthew 6:12)… For if ye Forgive men their trespasses, Your Heavenly Father will also Forgive you but, if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will you father forgive your trespasses”

  • Make a list of all your enemies and those who have hurt you.
  • Mentally Visualize forgiving each one of them
  • Mentally Bless each on eof them with what is best for them. EXAMPLE : “May you be blessed with what is best for you”.
  • Mentally request for the Lord’s Mercy and Forgiveness.
  • Repeat the entire process for as long as necessary until one feels an inner sense of forgiveness.

Adopted From the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing By GMCKS. (Pg 188-192).

It is Possible for patients with very severe or terminate illness t be healed through law of mercy and law of forgiveness.

Join Our Heaven Within Revealed Sessions To Learn More About Forgiveness. One Choose our Paid Forgiveness Sessions Too.

Increasing Receptivity

Healing will be lot easier if the patient is relaxed and receptive or does not offer strong resistance. If the patient is relaxed, their body can absorb more Pranic Energy.

Adopted From the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing By GMCKS. (pg 61)

  1. turn the palms upward and bend the head slightly downward. close your eyes. (Receptivity Pose).
  2. One may visualize one’s body and the affected area being filled with light or Pranic Energy. One can Visualize inhaling light or Pranic Energy into the body and the affected part. This will Greatly facilitate the rate of assimilation of Pranic Energy.
  3. To further increase receptivity, mentally repeat several times during the treatment duration following affirmation

I Willingly, fully and greatfully accept all the ehaling energy in full faith, So be it!

I, the Soul, am super conductive and receptive to the blessings and healing from God passing through the great spiritual teacher, holy masters and saints, arch angels, and angels. I, the soul, accept the blessings and healing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etherically and physically. With gratitude, respect and love in full faith.
My body is absorbing completely deeply and permanently the healing energy. With thanks and in full faith.



Following are recommended to avoid.


Some Textiles tend to act as partial insulators to prana. Please avoid mentioned since they makes projection of prana difficult.

  • Silk.
  • Rubber.
  • leather.
  • Belts.
  • Shoes.


While Treatment is going on through out the treatment phase be it one month or 5 years please avoid following Foods.

  • Eating Pork, eel, catfish.
  • Smoking, Alcohol.
  • Addictive & Hallucinogenic drugs.


Please Avoid mentioned activities these while healing one may feel sleepy so please avoid during the treatment time of the day.

  • self driving.
  • sewing.
  • Cooking.
  • working with heavy machinery.

Healing Frequency

It depends on following factors!

The Severity and acuteness of the ailments

In severe cases the rate of deterioration could be quite fast. For Healing to take place, the rate of Healing must be faster than rate of deterioration. To increase the rate of Healing, the frequency of the treatments has to increased. 

In Emergency or critical cases, the rate of deterioration is so fast that the treatment may have to be given once every hour or once every four hours depending upon acuteness of the case.

The Rate of Pranic Consumption

Certain cases like burns, cuts, concussions, acute infections consume large quantities of  Prana at a very fast rate.

Severe infection or burn, then the affected part should be energized  once every hour for the next few hours since rate of Pranic Consumption is very fast.

Another factor is how fast the patient wants to get well in a day or two, this would require several applications of Pranic Healing for the first few Hours. If healing is done immediately and properly, the skin will not blacken or turn yellow and the rate of healing will be very fast- less than a day or two at the most.

If patient just wants a moderate rate of healing, then the treatment can be applied just once. If Pranic healing is applied immediately, then the concussion will be healed within a few days.

The Delicateness and importance of the aprt being treated.

If the organ being treated is quite delicate and vital such as the head, eyes, and heart, then healing should preferably be applied at a longer interval. This is to avoid possible Pranic Congestion which may have serious consequences. 

if the part being treated is not as delicate or sensitive like knee or the arm, then healing can be applied once every hour for the next four hours without serious side effects or radical reactions

The Age and Health Condition of the Patient.

Patients who are very weak or old require a series  of mild treatments since their ability to absorb prana is very slow

  1. These are factors  to be considered in determining the frequency of treatments. The Pranic  Healer should use sound judgement  or discrimination on this matter. 
  2. Clients are recommended to cooperate with Pranic Healer.
  3. For a well trained and well Practicing Pranic Healer client Health is more important than anything. 

GMCKS Suggested Guidelines on Frequency of Healings.

Simple Cases – once every two to three days

Critical Cases – once every hour for next few hours on the first day and once or twice a day for next few days. This can be applied if patient wants a very fast rate of healing.

The Healer Should Observe  or monitor the patient closely for possible radical reactions which could be serious. Clients are advised to cooperate with the Pranic Healer.

Adopted From the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing By GMCKS. (pg 100-101)

Holistic Approach

Holistic or Integrated Approach in Pranic Healing

  1. Disease can be caused by internal or external factors or a combination of both. 
  2. obviously, the health condition of a person depends upon the well-being of the visible physical body, the energy body and the psychological health of the patient.
  3. Although many simple and serious diseases can be Healed by Pranic Healing, it is better to reinforce the Healing process by taking herbs  or medical drugs.
  4. If the visible physical body and energy body are treated simultaneously, obviously the rate of healing would be much faster and more effective than orthodox medicine alone or Pranic Healing alone.
  5. An acupuncturist uses acupuncture to treat the energy body  and herbs to heal the visible physical body by strengthening the affected organs.
  6. Although the GMCKS heals by using Pranic Healing only and has obtained amazing results, he also encourages His Patients to consult medical doctors, take medicines and undergo surgery, if this is necessary.
  7. The ancient famous chinese doctor Hua To was noted not only for skills in acupunture and herbs but also for his Surgical Skills.
  8. Although Pranic Healing Alone can do lot of fantastic things, it has it’s limitations. Proper Diet and Physical Exercises are sometimes Necessary.
  9. At times, the intake of herbs or medical drugs, change in lifestyle, emotional therapy or surgery is required.
  10. It is important  to maintain one’s objectivity and to have a proper perspective if what the other types of healing can do.
  11. Fanaticism and going to the extremes should be avoided. 
  12. Just as it is foolish for some doctors trained in orthodox medicine to ignore or sometimes ridicule Paranormal Healing, it is equally foolish for some Paranormal Healers to ignore what modern Medicine is capable of doing and what it has done to cure and alleviate the suffering of mankind from Diseases.

Adopted From the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing By GMCKS. (pg 101-102)

A More scientific method…,… first withdraws the congested and diseased matter, and then replaces it by healthier nerve ether(life energy), thus gradually stimulating the sluggish current into activity.

–  C W Leadbeater

The Chakras

Lag Time

Principal of Lag Time

  1. The Principal of lag time means the rate of Healing Energy Body is much faster than that of the visible physical body. 
  2. Therefore, in some cases the patient may not experience immediate relief or cure because the visible physical heals at a slower pace than the energy body.
  3. This Delay or lag time in relief or cure is especially common in more severe cases.
  4. The Degree of delay or lag time will depend on the degree of damage, the age, the physical condition and the receptivity of the patient.

Adopted From the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing By GMCKS. (pg 166-167)

How Long?

How Long Does it take to completely cure a Patient?
The length of time required to completely cure a patient depends on several factors.
  1. The Frequency. 
  2. The Age.
  3. Physical Condition of the Patient.
  4. the presence of intervening or casual factors which cause the delay of or preventing Healing from Manifesting.
  5. The Degree of Damage.
  6. The Nature of the Ailments.
  7. The Skill of the Pranic Healer.
  8. The Degree of Cooperation from the Patient.
  9.  In Some Cases, the use of other forms of Healing or treatment to complement Pranic Healing.
  10. As Stated Earlier, the approach in Healing Should be Integrated or Holistic.
  11. The Rate of relief for simple and severe ailments may range from a few minutes to a few days. 
  12. Generally, the time it takes to permanently cure a simple ailment using Pranic Healing alone ranges from a few minutes to a few days.
  13. For Chronic or more severe ailments, it may range from a few days to a few months.
  14. In some cases, the cure is even dramatic or “miraculous.”
  15. However not all ailments and not all patients can be cured.
  16. For simple cases, relief usually means complete cure, while for severe ailments. it means that the patient is partially healed and relieved.  This does not mean that the patient it completely healed but is in the process of being cured. Please take note of it

Adopted From the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing By GMCKS. (Pg -167)


Immediate Recurrence of Pain or Symptoms
Several factors may contribute to the immediate recurrence of the symptoms after Pranic Treatment
  1. Pranic Healer is not well trained. 
  2. Untrained Pranic Healer used wrong protocol or missed some steps as they are not trained.
  3. Untrained Pranic Healer is stressed.
  4. The Pranic Healer You Choose is not either a Graduate or a Certified Healer From World Pranic Healing Foundation.
  5. The Patient is Suffering from a severe type of disease that consumes prana at a very fast rate or the prana projected was not sufficient. The Patient should, therefore, be treated more frequently.

Adopted From the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing By GMCKS. (Pg 167 – 167)

Why Not Healed?

Reasons why some Patients are not Healed

  1. All the Factors Mentioned in Recurrence. 
  2. The Patient may not be receiving the right Pranic treatment because of improper scanning.
  3. Energizing and frequency of Pranic Treatment are not sufficient. This is like Giving a medication of insufficient  dosage  and at insufficient intervals.
  4. Certain Ailment require other forms of treatment.
  5. The patient is simply too old and too weak or too sickly. For certain unexplained factors, some aged patients just do not retain a large portion of the projected prana. This Does not mean, however, that very old or very sickly patients should be ignored. On the contrary, they should be given proper care and treatment.
  6. The Disease is of Karmic origin and the right time for complete Pranic Healing has not yet arrived. The Patient perhaps has not yet Learned the lesson they are supposed to Learn.

Adopted From the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing By GMCKS. (Pg -167)


More Instructions

GMCKS  Pranic Healing Treatment is simple, yet very powerful with rapid Fast Results.

To see Rapid fast results do follow Simple Instructions mentioned.

People with severe ailments and those who are not able to see results of healing please follow this

Pranic Breathing

Inhale Deeply and exhale Deeply. Practice for 5 to 10 mins while your Pranic Treatment is Going on.

  • For Rapid Healing.
  • For Fast Results.
  • For Long Lasting.
  • For Healthy Aura & Chakras.
  • Bridge to Spirituality.


Choose a big healthy tree and ask mentally or verbally the permission of tree to draw in its Excess prana. Once done thank the tree

  • Put Hands on the trunk of the tree or near it. Tip of Tongue to palate.
  • concentrate on the center of the palms.
  • Simultaneously do pranic breathing.
  • Do Pranic Exercises post.

Water & Salt Bath

Sea Water or water with salt is very effective in removing diseased energy from the energy Body, especially  with severe  ailments

  • swim in sea for 20 mins.
  • After cleansing yourself with soap and water, rub your entire body gently with fine salt. Then wash it off after about one or two minutes.

In Many Hindu Tenples there is tree caked STHALAVRKSHA which the devotee is supposed to touch to absorb Pranic Energy.


Principle of Diversion or releasing.

GMCKS has observed that if He focuses His attention on the pain and tries to remove it He finds it more difficult to Heal Himself. But  if he just ignores the pain and concentrates fully on pleasant music or scenery or any pleasant thing.

The Principle of diversion or releasing is also applicable in healing others. When Some patients become so engrossed with the strange movements of the Pranic Healer, their concentration on the pain they are experiencing is temporarily distracted, thereby facilitating the healing process. At times when the attention of the patient is focused on the pain or the discomfort is so intense, then it would be very helpful to ask patient to concentrate on soothing music or on a very nice picture.

Adopted From the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing By GMCKS. (Pg 185-186)

People Have Little idea of how much they increase the potency of the disease by constantly directed thought which they expend upon it (by thinking too much about the ailment), and the attention they pay to that area wherein the trouble is located.

–  Alice Bailey

Esoteric Healing

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