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With Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s


Practice in Etherically clean Place
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Pranic Healing is No Touch, No Medicine, Ancient Art, Science, Skill Practiced By Highly Advanced Souls.
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Redesigned this Ancient Skill Suitable to Modern Era Busy life.

Pranic Healing

A Pranic Treatment a day keeps one Healthy.

Character Building

Character Building plays vital role for good health.


Patanjali’s hatha yoga keeps the physical body strong


Twin Hearts Meditation makes us Healthy

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

The Great One, who Rediscovered Pranic Healing & Spread it to whole World, With a Vision and Mission of HEAVEN ON EARTH.7 Million People Around the Globe Experienced Heaven in Life.


Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is an Ancient Art, Skill and Science working on Principles of Law of Self Recovery and Law of Life Energy (Prana). It Is Applied on Aura & Chakras for Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Revitalization, Relaxation of Human Body, Mind & Soul without touch & medicine . Physical, Verbal, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Karmical Ailments Healing Solutions Will be Provided. Regular Practitioners can see Significant Results in Life. This Ground Breaking work is now Practiced at hospitals, clinics and healing Centre in over 80 Countries around the world.

 we outstand!

Why Choose US

Pranic Healing the techniques thought are experimented by every individual during the workshops. Only when one believes it one can practice it. Every technique will proven by Universal Laws. 
GMCKS is very particular about it.

Easy to Understand

It can be Practiced by even a simple Layman & 16 year old youngster.


Every Urban and semi Urban cities has Numerous WPHF pranic Healing centers.

Faster Results

Compared to other alternative therapies Significant results seen in less time.


Can be Applied on every living and non living things. Humans, Plants, trees, Animals, Utensils.

Easy To Practice

Only 30 mins a day of Practice can keep one very health & long Living.

Most Powerful

Though very easy to Practice the techniques thought are very powerful, with rapid fast results.

Very Advanced

Highly advanced technology taught is said to be practiced by Highly advanced Souls.

Wide Range Benefits

Can be applied on all Physical, Mental, Emotional, Karmical, Spiritual, Psychological Issues .


Pranic Healing

Twin Heart Meditation


Our Courses

GMCKS Worldwide Pranic Healing Foundations offers Wide range Of Courses. They simple, yet very powerful with rapid Fast Results.

Pranic Healing

Minor Ailments to Major, Chronic, acute disorders of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Psychical & Karmical.

  • For Good Health.
  • For Protection & Shields.
  • For Preventive Healing.
  • For Healthy Aura & Chakras.
  • Bridge to Spirituality.


A path of Paramhansa/Arhat/Prophet, for Enlightenment and caseation of cyles of life & death.

  • For Overall Wellness.
  • For Higher Spiritual Faculty.
  • For Clairvoyance.
  • For deeper understanding many mistook concepts & Bhramagyana


With Hunger No one Can Meditate. To balance Spirituality with Material Riches & easily rightfully acquire wealth.

  • For Money.
  • For Materialization.
  • For overall growth & Success.
  • For Deeper Knowledge of Prosperity.
  • For Peaceful Sadhana.

Our Team

We Belong to HYDERBAD TELANGANA WPHF CHAPTER. The Mangement of the chapter worked struggled very hard to to anchor light of GMCKS and Pranic Healing in Telugu Speaking States since 2019 and they experienced over 10 years in serving GMCKS in every possible way. They one-pointed, determined in manifesting their little will in Telugu Speaking state. They have added their little will to the Great Will of GMCKS Heaven On Earth, To Anchor Heaven on Earth in Telugu Speaking States. We Feel Really Lucky and blessed to be with this great team, an affiliation of WPHF, Manila Philippines.

Our Pranic Healing Vizag Team joined Pranic Healing in 2014. Till 2016 we were only Applying this great treatment on ourselves and benefiting from same. We were into Career oriented path then. As We have seen many failures in all the Exams we attended we felt our career is done for sure and nothing more is left.

To our surprise we attended GMCKS Kriyashakthi Course in August month of 2016. We were inspired By MCKS and His teachings in Kriyashakthi. We understood there is nothing like “done for sure. its the end” in life. Like water we should Move one, Obstacles are part of life. The doors are always open for success in life. In same class we got announcements for ACPH. I felt if I can do ACPH successfully then I will settle in Pranic Healing and start a Centre. To Our surprise I finished ACPH program of 6 months in 45 Days including 25 testimonials. This made decide I will start my career in Pranic Healing.

Since then we have never Seen Back. 2018 April 9th we officially started the center in name of Golden Miracles Energy Healing Consultancy, which in turn gave birth to GMCKS Sanat Kumara’s Holistic Wellness Group, which in Gave route to Pranic Healing Vizag. Along with this we have other Holistic Wellness Services too. Every Day we were Upgrading, Evolving and seeing a Triumph in our Journey.

Definitely the path is difficult to travel but GMKCS  love for us made our difficult path easy. Obstacles became lessons, difficulties became victories. Life became Inspiring. At the last while we introspect the day, we have job satisfaction that we are instruments to Higher Beings to anchor Good Health in lives of many.

To the Great will we add our Little Will. May Heaven on Earth Manifest in Visakhapatnam. May Planetary Peace restore.


We are grateful for our valuable clients for providing us great honest testimonials 

John Director

I’ve been working with Divya for several years. She and her team been invaluable in providing healing around both major and minor illness including glaucoma, pain and coughs along with spiritual services like Kriyashakti, which has made a positive difference in my life and for my family. From physical, psychological healing to relationship healing, Divya has contributed so much to helping us apply GMCKS teachings. We are grateful to Divya and her team.

Zen Teacher

Through regular treatment of pranic healing from Divya I got relief from my hand pain and it's showed positive vibes on my energy system. My body is fully healed of pains and negative thoughts. In the beginning of the healing I taught there is no use but after some sessions I observed that my hand is less hurting.

paddy Lawyer

Divya is a great healer , I came to her with fissure problems and she cured me with her healing abilities, not only that she does good healing for my pet dog too , she is one person who patiently hears us out and gives very good solutions and does healing very aptly according to the problem I am very much pleased with her services and highly recommend her as a great healer with wonderful healing abilities

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